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Makeup brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, recommendation of brush, and usage of the brushes.

How to choose makeup brush better than anyone

In makeup, makeup brushes are one of the tools that are considered to be important as others.  
Few people have complete set of brush but some owns one or two. Brushes that are found in department stores or in other makeup shops could give out for free and this is more familiar of advertising to the public. Many people would think and have stereotypes on makeup brushes that are usually used by professionals, as it is view in the magazines or in TV shows. Also in many beauty programs it talks about the importance of the cosmetics as much as the brushes so it may trigger the viewers to buy the brush in curiosity or by desire to purchase.
There are so many products out there that give hard time for the customers to choose.
Once famous Japanese makeup artist said, there is no better tool than to use human hands, but it will be difficult for the public to use their hands because it have rough texture. So we have to rely on use of makeup brushes in terms of our hands.
Chapter One, Easy tip and must know facts before choosing makeup brushes.

In bigger category it divides into FACE, CHEEK, EYE, and LIP.

For the people who gets confuse from the difference between face and the cheek, lets divide further.

FACE- foundation brush, concealer brush, powder brush, shading brush, nose shading brush, hairline brush.

CHEEK- blush brush, highlighter brush

EYE- eye shadow, eyebrow, eye linear

LIP- lip

Some of the brands might be different so the list above is just for reference.

It doesn't really require to have all the brushes in the categories (but is will be nice to own it all)
The selection of brushes depends on what type of makeup the person will do.
For example, use of concealer depends on the person so if the person is not using the concealer he or she won't have to have concealer brush. So, pick the right brush for the type of the makeup.
But there is a problem.
It will be nice to have all the brushes but it depends on the budget of the person as well as in choosing any other products so need to make a wise first choice.
Purchase the brushes that are needed for priority and than move on to buying one at a time.   
Well to recommend is to first invest on foundation brush, shading brush, eye linear brush (gel eye linear) anyone could have different preferences so this is only a guideline.

As I have said above, it is important in purchasing makeup bushes so following in purchasing is not a good idea.
Makeup brushes lasts about 10 years so keep in mind and purchase the products that I will use for 10 years.
It doesn't matter whether the product is inexpensive or expensive brushes should less stimulate the face and contribute the color of the products that consumer wants.
Makeup brush have different cuts of the hair, shape, elasticity so doing the same makeup would turn out different from each other. 
In such it is very important to choose the brush that matches the applier face. The brushes that give great intensity of color or how much smooth it is should not be the consideration on the product but should fit the usage of the purpose.
So just don’t use brushes that will stimulate the surface of the face.

Variety of brush leads to different type of fur.
Different type of hair gives different textures.
First of all it could divide into organic hair or artificial hair.
There are more choices in organic fur.
Most of the expensive fur and hard to make it out with are; Russian squirrel fur, Siberian mink and kolinsky from Siberian fur is well known for the quality.
In general many usages of fur is lamps furr and squirrel hair is used in variety for face to eye brush. Also for eye makeup Siberian mink or raccoon fur is used.

from the left, lamps fur, Russian squirrel fur, mixed fur (artificial + lamps hair) chipmunk fur, kolinsky fur, raccoon fur, and mink fur, ottar fur.

A simple tip

Russian squirrel fur have high price and is almost in extinct so there are only few brands that uses this fur.
First of all the hair is very soft and has less force so it is good for people who have sensitive skin. The application of colors is natural and it is well used for natural makeup look. The brush could be use in variety starting from shading to blush and as a highlighter as well. The price of the brush is higher than others.

Kolinsky fur have great strength so it is not use for face brush.
It is widely use for eye brush.
The brush gives perfect intensity of color and adhesion so there is nothing better than this tool.
The strength of the brush might give hard time in blending the colors or in making gradation.
It is one of the type of mink so it is hard to notice from the appearance so need to read the product description.
There is a always label.
This is the second expensive product after Russian Squirrel fur.

Lamps fur is commonly used.
It is used as a face to eye brush.
Any brand would always use this fur. The texture is suitably soft and have fair strength so its easily used.
Among face brush it is mostly used as to do blush and as a highlighter as well as a eye brush.
Some lamps fur are rough depending on the cutting so it is always recommended to touch the product before purchasing. The quality depends on what region of lamps hair was used.

Chipmunk fur doesn't need to be tested as it is similar in brands in softness and strength. If there is a difference, it is in the cutting and little bit smaller than others. It is softer than lamps fur and less force needed than Russian squirrel fur.
The texture of chipmunk fur is between lamps fur and Russian squirrel
This brush is used in diverse from face to eyes. It is soft and have basic level of strength that is well used for natural looking makeup.
Chipmunk is one of the famous brushes.

Mink fur is one of the brushes that is well used in the past.

The strength is similar with kolinsky fur so it is not used for face but for eyes.

The fur has great strength that is mostly helpful for giving out the intensity of the color rather than for gradation.

Organic hair are object to powdery type cosmetics
Artificial hair are object to moisturized products.

It doesn't mean that saying organic hair brush is always good.
Many people would think that organic hair brushes are better than organic brushes however that is wrong judgment.

In powdery type of products it is better to use organic than artificial as it holds the particles better and helps to do the blending easily. In moisturized products use of organic hair brush won't work as well as it has less adhesion and easily sticks to each other and end up destroying the brush.

So in this case use of artificial hair works better in moisturized cosmetics.That is why is most of the cosmetic brands use artificial hairs for foundation brush, concealer brush, lip brush, and etc. So it is more important to consider the suitable fur than the attribution of the products.
It is important to consider the features of the hair and there is difference between quality and cutting so it is better to touch the product before purchasing. Like in buying any cosmetics we consider the ingredients as much as its result of the products. Even though it is same lamps fur the different cutting would change the softness and the outcome of the color.
As I have mentioned above it depends which area of lamps fur was used that could alter the quality.

Chapter two: Tips in choosing face brush.

In Face brush there are; foundation, concealer, and powder, shading, hairline, nose shading
Depending on brands, shading and nose shading could be under cheek category.

In makeup brush, one of the famous products is foundation brush.
Foundation brush needs to be made out of artificial hair.
Foundation (BB, etc) is moisturized so it needs to be made out of artificial so it gives smooth surface. Sbrand sells foundation brush in organic hair because they use lamps fur, which it gives strength so creates smooth surface. However there is a limit to cover all the blotches on faces so it is recommended to the person who likes thin application.
Foundation brush is standardized in form of artificial hair so consider the design and the cutting. There are different shapes such as straight cutting, round shape, mixed with organic and straight cutting etc.


The modest foundation brush has a round and puffy end. 
Mostly people use flat edge style brush but puffy brush is much easier for beginners.

There is a difference in cutting but in the case of fine cutting, it gives great coverage of the pores. Also use of puffy brush gives less brush strokes so it is easy to use. This shape of brush needs to be wash carefully because of the puffy hair.

The most common form is the flat edge style.
The edge is cut straight or round.
The flat surface gives great adhesion and easy to apply liquid instead of cream.
When more coverage is needed lightly pat onto the face and it is over.

The lines will appear more than a puffy brush but for the person who needs speed will be satisfy.

Wait a Second

Thinking that all foundation brush is in this shape and choosing will lead to a mistake. The spread of the hair and strokes needs to be tested.

In case the reason why many people doesn't use foundation brush is the left behind brush strokes. If the brush strokes were distracting many would use sponge or use hands to erase the marks. However just don’t mind the marks at first and spread out evenly than use the brush to pat gently on the marks. In the middle of the process patting motion would leave stains.


BB cream users mostly like to use the flat saw edge shape brush. In case of the BB cream, the texture got smoother than before but some are thick so it makes the coverage thick and harder to apply.

So the usage of the foundation brush will be less satisfying instead of using flat brush to apply the BB cream. Flat brush will even out the skin with great adhesion. Also if the BB cream is thick, it will be difficult to smoothly apply to the sides of the nose. So instead of straight and round end brush, it is better to use saw shape brush, which it is possible to do precise touch.

Using liquid and cream type with less experience would be easier to apply with puffy brush.
If the skin is neat and wants thin coverage with speed try to use flat and large surface brush.
Flat saw edge shape brush is recommended for BB cream with thick texture.

In choosing concealer brush, consider the ratio of the blotches on face.
If the needed 
coverage is large use big brush, if it is small use small brush.

However there is something to be aware about.

Things to consider are first to cover or how spread it is or how cluster it are.

For example, in case of coverage of the mole or wrinkles are same and small but need to be different in coverage of the technique. 

In case of freckles it is hard to cover one by one so need to be cover in the center.

 Also when it is covered we can't make sure that it will last for the night. So instead of thinking by covering one by one, need to think like bring down the tone of color of the freckles. That is why it is better to use bigger brush than smaller brush. 
In the case of mole it is small and need to be cover one by one as well as it is different from wrinkles, so it is better to use sharp and small brush. The target of covering is to completely cover than to bring down the tone of color. In addition to this point not only moles but same as red blemishes. In case of pimples, it is important to consider the how much spread it is or how clustered. 

If it is wide spread as like freckles use wide brush to bring down the tone of color and than use smaller brush to cover up raised pimples


In the case of dark circle brush it needs to give attention to the application.

There is a stereotyping that great elasticity in brush equal to well made brush.

The dark circle area needs to have thin coverage so need to give thoughts to application.
Dark circle is around the eyes so it might be easy to cover but its easy to give wrinkles and can look dull.
Need to give focus on using colors in making thin coverage. That is why need to pick a brush that could cover the dark circle with small amount of cosmetic.
If the brush bounces back and has bendable it means it is a good brush to choose. Also if its flat it is much better.

Concealer brush hair has great strength and elasticity. The type of hair divides into being bendable or how flexible it is.
 The brush with great strength of hair will cover the freckles and red blemishes better. In case of dark circle and side of the nose need to give even spread instead of covering them. So it is better to use more bendable and flexible brush.

In summer season people would often use powder to control the oil and to increase the capacity of the cosmetic.
Many would use lamps fur or Russian squirrel.
In case of lamps fur it has great strength and its firm so helps to control the oil. 
That is why I recommend oily skin people to use lamps fur.
The users of compact powder would prefer to use lamps fur and the one of the reason why they choose is that it gives perfect adhesion and controls the oil. Using the same product with equal amount of force gives high adhesion and gives better coverage. However using the pat for portable purpose won’t really have to use lamps fur brush.

Nowadays many people want light touch of powder to look moisturized
So same for the brush as well use a soft and less strength into it.
Among the furs, Russian squirrel has the quality of soft and light so even for people who have sensitive skin won’t arouse troubles.
Using the same cosmetics with same strength would give light application.
So that is why using powder among dry skin type of people is highly recommended. Dry powder users would mostly like light coverage instead of having think coverage.
Russian squirrel give light and pleasant application and have less clustering effect.

In choosing powder brush, many think whether to buy pat or powder. However need to consider and standardized the look on how I want to represent the powder. If the person wants the powder to be lightly applied than choose Russian Squirrel brush or want to be matt and control the oil use lamp’s fur brush.

Powder brush has round type and flat type.

I used to use round type of brush.

However, nowadays I use flat edge powder brush more frequently.

If round type of brush is not able to roll around your face it might get easily stick together so for a beginner it is more likely to purchase flat edge brush. 

Also flat brush is easier to pat. 
If you are afraid of a powder sticking together it is better to pat it first than sweep over it.
Then when do we use round type of brush?
It is appropriate when we are using mineral powder to cover up and to give finish touch.
When it’s mineral powder the more you roll with the round brush coverage would increase.
But flat edge brush is cut straight, which it makes hard to roll and damages the hair
Even though the round type of brush is in straight cut, It is capable of rolling so it’s easy use and will not give damage the hair.
Also if you are using round type of brush you should use the hair that has less strength.
When using the round type of brush it needs to have less force so it won’t make the powder to stick together. 

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