Sunday, July 8, 2012

Selection of concealer brush

Concealer brush, selecting like an expert

1.Why concealer brush has to be ‘artificial hair’?
The reason is same as foundation brush.
Like cream, liquid, and balm type, concealer products, most are oily and moist product, not matt powder.
Only by using artificial hair, moist and oily particle does not affect the hair quality, which keeps hair flexible for long time.
Artificial hair’s flexibility helps covering easy and perfect when covering cream or liquid typed concealer.
Piccasso Brush uses only first-class Japanese-made artificial hair, and products made with superior flexibility which prevents transformation and make them long lasting.

2. Checking the size of part that needs covering

-tiny (very small like a dot): proof12.proof13.401
Usually small blemishes are able to be covered with proof13-sized brush easily, but for more perfect covering, after hiding like dotting with tiny 401, smooth with proof12 or prrof13 with hiding the boundary.

-small (pimple scar): proof14.713.712.407
These brushes’ size is most widely used for covering small-sized blemishes.
Piccasso brush is well known to public after manufactured for pro-artist, and its sizes are various in favor or each artist.

-middle (big blemishes like blotches on face): proof08,proof09,310

-big (widely spread freckles): proof06, proof07

-dark circle: proof09.310.194
These brushes are for covering dark circle lightly.
It might be similar to middle-sized blemishes covering brush.
They are popular as they can be used also for dark circle, not only for middle-sized blemishes covering.
Proof09 and #310 are popular.
-under eye: 212
Under eye part is coverable with dark circle brush, but many who want delicate and easy covering on that part use #212.
It is very useful when smoothing cream shadow, not only covering under eyes as it is made just in eye shape.

3 .Is it possible to cover everything with just one concealer brush?
: It is not totally impossible. With good cover skill, everything is coverable with one brush.
Just, perfect covering is hard to be done; even great artists use 3~4 concealer brushes for covering.
If want to solve everything with one brush, even though not perfect, I recommend you proof09 in proof line which makes almost perfect covering.
You can cover dark circle and middle-sized blemishes with brush lying down and when covering small blemishes, smooth boundary line of the covering part after covering with brush edge.

<You can learn makeup methods and various brush usages for perfect covering through Piccasso makeup class. Please refer to Piccasso brush site about details>

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