Friday, July 6, 2012

Selection of shading brush

Shading brush, selecting like an expert

1.     Want to shade for slim jaw line?
Select according to your makeup skill, shading experience, and style you use.
-beginner: 701
: It is big and thick round shaped shading brush. Although it is easy to use for beginners, many pro artists are using it.
It is really easy to use as it finishes shading only by touching among the U line of jaw after coating the product on brush.

-Skilled: 102,103
: It has really fine hair quality and flat shape is noticeable.
It shades with dark color by sweeping jaw line with flat part.
It is also possible to use on hair line as it can express slim with tipping narrow brush edge, but it is hard to use for beginners.
If beginner want to try, smooth edge might be better.
Most artists mix shading color after purchasing both, but general doesn’t need to.
#103 is good for small face, #102 is good for others.

-For bulging cheekbone: 104, 721
Some have bulging cheekbone although their faces are not big or angulated.
Jaw line doesn’t need shading, actually, but diagonal shading brush is good if you really want to shade cheekbone.
Touch is also possible on jaw line, but sweeping from outside to inside can make it small.
I recommend #721 cheekbone matters, and if both cheekbone and jaw line matter, #104.
If cheekbone is not bilging outstandingly, #701, #102, #103 are enough.

2. Want to make nose sharp and nose edge slim?
When selecting nose shading brush, consider hair type after checking your own nose height and needed coloring.

-high nose: 201
Some skip nose shading on high nose, but when selecting shading brush for more perfect nose, choose brushes with mild hair and really natural coloring.
Ones with strong coloring makes nose look unnatural.

-low nose: 202,201-a
If you are beginner who wants to make nose look high by shading, #202 is the answer.
It’s diagonally cut cylinder type and just by sweeping along nose line from bangs the shape is finished naturally thanks to the hair size.
It finishes with proper coloring which prevents beginners from making mistakes.
If you enjoy shading and makeup and have low nose, I strongly recommend 201-a.
You can touch nose line the way you want and it is good that it can also be used on hair line.

3. Want to have round forehead like actresses?
Choose right brushes for your hair line.

-pretty forehead: 201-a
If you have round forehead, if not perfect, this will do.
It can be used on nose and expresses hair line naturally and you can fill parts naturally, as it is hard enough.

-M-shape or angulated forehead: 725
It is stronger brush than 201-a, and it is perfect for filling angulated hair line.
 It is good to trim bumpy forehead as it helps nice coloring by joining particles well.
Coloring inside-head strongly and sweeping lightly outside makes pretty hair line.

4. Can’t we use soft haired brush like #201 or #202 on hair line?
:of course you can use it on hair line but products for nose line have weak hair and colors naturally, so it can be unsatisfying on hair line.
It should be shaped noticeably, but it expresses too naturally.
It makes me to recommend 201-a or 725 which has great coloring.
Plus that, for preventing skin stimulation, it is made of soft and strong raccoon hair and short and strong Eurasian Red Squirrel hair.

5. I want to make face look clear by shading, is it ok to use just one brush?
: It’s not easy. It is impossible, so you need to give up some parts or have more brushes.
Big shading brush for making jaw line naturally and small one which draws hair line and nose line- perfect line correction is possible at least with these two.

6. I can’t invest mush on brush in makeup. Which would work if I have to choose 2 for shading?

-face: 701
-nose & hair line: 201-a
#201 for nose and #725 for hair line are easy to use and popular, but I recommend 201-a if you need one that has advantage of both.

7. I want to use dark colored foundation for shading product.
Which shading brush might be good when using cream, liquid, or stick typed dark foundation?
: Brush with artificial hair is good when using moist shading product.
Also, the size should be enough for gradating the chin widely, so I recommend FB16 among Piccasso foundation brushes.
Artists also use it when shading with moist foundation.

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