Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Selection of foundation brush

Foundation brush, selecting like an expert

1.     Why foundation brush should be ‘artificial hair’?
: Natural hair or artificial hair? It can bear huge consideration.
Natural hair is more expensive usually, but, it is better to select artificial hair when applying cream or liquid typed products or products with high moisture on skin. Not like natural hair, it is not affected by moisture and oil, which makes it to last long and apply smoothly and evenly. It is why all foundation brush is made only with artificial hair.
Among them, Piccasso Brush uses first-class Japanese artificial hair to add flexibility and stop transformation to make it long-lasting.
Except for them, products like powder product, shading, blusher which contain powder are good to be applied with natural hair.
It is wise to select first-class hair from most expensive part.

2.     Checking your skin status
-Has a great skin: 187, 188
Well-endowed skin, well-cared skin!
Will you concentrate on covering on your good skin?
Just care lightly with skin texture naturally.
As you can apply with 187, 188 brush lightly and delicately, it saves skin shine under covered foundation, which makes skin look more beautiful.
If you prefer delicate touch, smaller 188 is better~
Or you prefer to touch less, big-sized 187 is better!

-Normal skin with little blemishes or troubles: FB15, FB16
They are most widely used typed foundation brush, and are most popular products among Piccasso Brush.
They cover little blemishes and troubles easily and help foundation applied lightly.
If you prefer fast covering to delicate technique, select bigger sized FB16, and if you want delicate touch, select FB16!

-Bumpy skin with pimple scar: 724
Skin with scar and pigmentation needs good covering.
Then, FB15 and Piccasso’s concealer brushes help perfect covering.
However, you feel tired of covering with many brushes and want fast and light base finish 724 might be proper choice.
It covers bumps fast with lightly covering foundation and BB cream.

3.     Skin status is kind of uneven. Can I use a foundation brush for 10 years?
: It is possible with Piccasso Brush
If you want a brush that matches any skin status or any foundation, rather than selecting one brush that matches perfectly to one’s skin, FB 15 is the one!
It is foundation brush preferred by Korean top makeup artists and a lot of pro artists which sells best among Piccasso Brush.

You will never regret.

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