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It's most popular jell eyeliner among eyeliner products.
It may be the most popularized one.

Many use pencil or brush typed eye line products but kind of 'experienced people' like to use jell eyeliner.
The father of jell eyeliner is known to be Bobby Brown, but Mac has good ones, too.
Ones who use jell eyeliner might want techniques for various makeup.

Everything is possible with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.305           


Cream jell typed waterproof eyeliner. 
You can draw an eye line precisely with an eye line brush.
You can use it like an eye shadow by blending on your eye.

I was very surprised when I first saw jell eyeliner.
If felt like I could draw any type of eye line somehow.
At that time, I should have practiced techniques extremely much, but this showed the infinite world of eyeliner, from filling up the gap between eyelashes to drawing the under.
(Liquid or brush pen are too thick.)

Of course it couldn't be done without eyeliner brush...

Pencil types is easy to draw, but it bolts easily and needs sharpening.
Jell eyeliner was thought to be only in black, but I was totally attracted by Mac's Dipdown.
It is real brown.
It has definite likes and dislikes.
The bright brown color is noticeable.
But there're many who doesn't like it saying that it doesn't give clear feeling.
Brown color from other companies seemed like a bright black.
But Dipdown is original brown and it felt like it can complete natural eye line.
The color seemed real brown and it was attractive in that it gives clear and not strong feeling.

What makes it even more attractive to people who like smoky makeup is that it lessen the strong feeling.
It completes clear but not strong, soft eye line.
This makeup gives arrogant and professional feeling (semi-smoky).
It might be perfect for ones who like natural makeup but afraid of too strong eye line.
I saw some who drew eye line with Mac Fluid Dipdown and saying,
"I didn't do a makeup at all."
It's that natural .
It 's too greedy to expect black color's own clarity.
Some say jell eyeliner never spreads, but it does.
It just spreads little.
It's hard to use the word 'never'

But it spreads less than a pencil typed one.
It also spreads less than a liquid typed one.
Just, pleased be noticed that brown color shows the spreads less than black color.

Jenny House Shin Hye-Ryung director - Shin Min-Ah, Kim Mee-Suk, Tak Jae-Hun, Eric, Kim Sung-Su (Korean actresses and actors)

: Piccasso Makeup Brush is essential in smoky makeup. It is attractive in that both eye line and under line with its small and narrow hair, and it stimulate little.
I enjoy using it when applying an eye shadow."

Adequate flexibility, short fur, flatness

These are the words that explain Piccasso Makeup Brush no.305 which attracts general buyers, not only specialists.
It's the easiest and general product in using eyeliner among Piccasso Makeup Brush products.

The biggest advantage of Piccasso Makeup Brush is that you can choose one according to the usage.
So brush selection is different according to the user's skill, the style one wants, or how one draws eye line.
These are plenty of kinds of brushes.

Just, for ones who want various style and easy product, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.305 is proper choice.
In case of Piccasso Makeup Brush Store, the staffs recommend ones according to client's eye line ore skill.
But it's hard to do so in online market.
It's made of Japanese artificial fur, so it doesn't stimulate the eyes at all.
The touching feeling? 

It's the best.

Although there is no rough one in Piccasso Makeup Brushes, this one make it easy to fill the intervals between eyelashes, as it shakes little.
Also, as the flat fur enables light and delicate touch, it's also very proper to draw the under eye line with various technique.
So, it's very popular among not only beginners and ones investing much in eye makeup.

It's an eyeliner brush that makes everything possible.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.305 goes well with any type of eye line, but what makes it match with Dipdown is that it gives Dipdown a lot of usage.
It includes natural eye line to professional arrogant woman-like look.
As it is flat, even gradation can be expressed, let alone the light eye line makeup.
In case of single eyelid, people want to draw many times, but it's very troublesome.

At this time, do it like I said. 
With Piccasso Makeup Brush no.305, everything is possible.
In case of eyeliner brush, one wash for one use is good.
But jell-typed brush can get broken when used after the fur hardened.
You must wipe the brush with an eye remover after and before you use it.
(Rubbing roughly can ruin the brush.)

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