Monday, February 13, 2012

Cream Shadow that is good for daily smooth expression

As it express deeply with a little scrub, cream shadow can easily be used by first users.
There are some color options, but it seems that popular products are limited.

In case of Revlon, it can be bought through multiple department or overseas sale as it has no regular store.
It's the best color like we can find 'NOT JUST NUDE' as a related search word when we search Revlon on internet.
That natural color of brown is familiar to anyone and that deep expression of deep eye line is possible led this product the base.
Americans may get them with $4, but that's their story. 
People in Korea can buy it with about ₩15,000.
Seldom, the price may rise due to out-of-stock, but the rise is not more than ₩5,000.
The amount of the product is not small, but people tend to waste it without moderation due to extremely soft formula.
However, this price is almost nothing considering the fabulous quality.

'NOT JUST NUDE' has four colors from ivory to dark brown consisting 2 non-pearls, and 2 pearls.
It's not only good to use it alone, but for combination.

If you are the one who likes natural make-up, applying second color entire eye brings
a bright color and watery pearl makes a perfect eye make-up.
Ones with little chubby eye can apply it freely as it is light brown color that makes a shade.

First color is proper to use as an eye-base as it is ivory with no pearl.

There are two reasons for using cream shadow.
One is to sustain the color for a long time, brightening the general shadow.
The other is to express eye line with cream shadow's pearl and texture.

The first color is proper to use as eye base rather than use it alone.
That's because covering shadow doesn't get affected because of its light color and non-pearl.

Third color is great for ones want shadowed feeling like Mac's Soba or Bobby Brown's Toast to express the feeling with cream shadow.
It may be hard to spread the product due to its non-pearl and bright color.
But you will be fascinated after applying it on your face.
It's perfect to use it separately, let alone to use it as a base!
To apply it without adhering, start with the inside of the eyelid and sweep through the eye.
It enables you to get your eye colored evenly without the artificial feeling.

However, if you have dark eyes, you have to be aware that, unless you cover your dark circle perfectly, you may become a panda.

Fourth color is proper to use as a point.
It's appropriate for deep expression of your eye buy applying it inside or under the eyelid.
Applying second color to entire eye and using fourth color as an inside-point can make a sophisticated and chic make-up.

Not like general powder-typed ones, it's hard for express precise feeling with a natural fur with a cream shadow.
So you have to use brush specialized for cream shadow : in case of 
Piccasso Makup Brush proof line, it's hard to express naturally due to its flexibility.
So Piccasso Make up Brush no.237 synthetic is a shadow brush for cream-typed products!
As the cutting is precisely done, so beginners are good to use this.
Cutting it more is also possible.
When coloring all over the eye, lay down the brush and when emphasizing the inside the eyelid or under eye part, use the tip of the brush.
When coloring all over the under the eye, use the side tip of the brush.

The question I got most from people is about the split fur.

It natural for fur to split~!

I used almost all kind of brushes.
I've never seen a one that not split.
Should it always split?
The blame must be for product itself.
The creamy texture makes the fur crumple together.
If it crumples all in once, it won't split.
It just looks like splitting because each brushes have its own cutting.
But it gathers again, so you don't have to worry about this.


" I emphasize once again. When you use cream shadow, please touch many times."

The harmony of special four colors expresses a natural and beautiful eyes.
It makes artistic eyes by making shades.
A perfect harmony~! It lasts pretty long.

It is made to express original color of products (general shadow products. cream,
and pearl products)in various texture with one brush.

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