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How to get rid of dark circle, dark concealer...

Every modern people may have heard about it.
Dark circle used to be a problem among people in late twenties or thirties, 
but it has come to teenager's problem.
This makes concealers and brushes for it show up.
Make-ups, foods,surgery for this are getting popular these days~ sleeping and waking up early, not getting stress, take only fine foods, not so when scrubbing eyes, massaging around eyes....
They seem easy to follow, but they are not so when you actually try them^^.
But they are only for precaution.
Or as the effect is insignificant, make-ups and surgeries took place.
By the way concealers only for dark circle become common even in road shops in similar feature.

To take care of everyone's problem, 
Lauramercier Secret Concealer and Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310 showed up.
To get rid of dark circle more easily and perfectly.


As a watery type of concealer it's especially good for concealering eye dark circle.

This concealer is made for concealing eyes or sensitives part. 
Applied on eye, tocopherol and retinol enhances skin flexibility and prevents moisture lose.

#1. Pink base for bright and pale skin tone.
#2. Yellow base for bright and white medium skin tone.
#3. Yellow base for medium skin tone.

Ask about concealer only for dark circle in any store and you will hear their emphasizing the advantage of pink or yellow products.
>It's understandable as it's their purpose to sell the products.
But it would be fine if they show a bit of effect to recommend considering the degree of the dark circle.
Whatever, I can understand their opinion.
But the one needs care should get the point of dark circle.

Dark circle can be covered by color tone, because part under eye is a part of many move, 
so applying much can cause problems like highlighting wrinkles.
Generally, traditional Korean face is blue-toned dark gray tone.
In this case orange-toned apricot rather than pink or yellow covers the skin more effectively.

So Lauramercier launched product only for dark circle under the name of Secret Concealer.
It's has been pretty long, but people don't seem to recognize it.
So long people thinks dark circle has to covered only by yellow or pink.
Narrow-sighted and who doesn't figure out the degree of his dark circle.
But as people who buy product after checking various colors and texture increase, it can be noticed that people are getting to know about their face condition.

As Secret Concealer is a creamy product, it's nor dry and as it has 3 colors, you can choose one according to your skin tone.
Most of all, that it can be used alone is the biggest advantage considering other orange-toned product cannot be used alone.
#1 color goes well with pale or extremely withe skin, and which has purple-toned dark circle.
#2 color is the easiest color of apricot which goes well with general orientals.
This is for kind of white skin or with little dark circle, it goes well with medium skin tone.
#3 color is for people with dark skin or enjoy dark makeup. 
It's apricot but it's close to darker orange color.
If you feel this color too bright, mixing it with foundation could be an answer.


Explanation from Piccasso Makeup Brush Homepage : Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310 which can be used on sensitive eye without any stimulation was been in a purpose to take delicate care of dark circle.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310    

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310 is the latest product among concealer brushes and which is for dark circle care.
I have been taking care of dark circle with general concealer brush line proof product.
But I became more conscious about dark circle and the interest for brushes for it has grown.
Well, proof line can cover it fairly well, but it's a serious problem for modern women.
This brush was invented after a long conference between Piccasso instruction team and chairmen of beauty business from Chun-Dam Dong(central area in Seoul, Korea)

Moderate elasticity and flatness make it possible to apply products lightly.
In case of dark circle, thick applying is no better than not applying.
So Why don't you use specialized brush?
With Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310 it's nothing to worry about.
Moderate elasticity is important because it's essential for applying make-ups without lumping.
So, this is why I recommend Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310.     
Many ask if it's uncomfortable because of the rectangular edge, but it's not~!

Inversely, the rectangular edge gives many advantages.
If you are to apply lightly, round edges cause a small error.
It's just a small error but when it sums up to a big difference after all. 
I call it a butterfly effect.
So it's a brush that took care of that little point.
It covers not only dark circle but nose and mouth part.

That makes Piccasso Makeup Brush no.310 and Secret Concealer be bound up each other.
Well, it's without no doubt that brush for concealer for dark circle work together.
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer is creamy as I mentioned before, so it's good to use in small amount as this don't need to be mixed with foundation and it covers with small amount.
You can do it lightly like sweeping with a brush and apply it from down to up side.
Majority may apply from up to down side.
But you should be aware that starting point bears the most amount .
So gradation might be better to be done from down to up side.
It's a sure thing you apply small amount around the eye.
So starting from down side to upside is a better way.
Adding products doesn't mean better covering on eye.
Applying precisely and connecting the entire eye part makes it brighter.
Dark circle is impossible to remove completely so try to hide it as much as possible.

The purpose of covering dark circle is not only to cover at the moment 
but the moment after hours.


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