Monday, July 16, 2012

How to apply Red lipstick color

A red lips that goes well with me.

Lady_ says, “When I apply red lipstick it turns out different from what I saw,” “I don't know which red lipstick to buy ” “The lipsticks looks the same but different why I use them.” “It is hard to fine a red lipstick that matches me.”

Women doing makeup, “ In the case of wearing red color lipstick it is different from looking at the shades and texture so importantly try on and check if it does go well with me. In applying red lipstick, consider the skin tone and the thickness of the lip. Most of the skin tones are fair so any red lipstick goes well with any shades but avoid using darker shades as in such it can look old. On the opposite side avoid using bright shades for the darker skin tone for there is hardly any matches with the skin tone. So it is better to avoid in using it.  For the yellowish skin tone like the Asians, it is better to avoid using a mixture of orange and the red color. The orange color is in the yellow color shades so it might make face look more yellowish and instead go for pure red color lipstick.“

A red lipstick look that isn't excessive for daytime look.

Lady says, “When I use red lipstick I feel it isn’t comfortable and too much as I can only see my lips. I feel like everyone is looking at me and makes me nervous. Is there any way to apply the red lipstick naturally?

Women doing makeup, “ It is easy to give sexy and edgy look with the red lipstick but for the people who uses it for the first time or trying to do a natural make up with it is difficult to do.
That is why most of the people want to wear and just look upon, as it is hard to apply in a natural looking way. So place most of the color inside the lips and do gradation towards outside. This way it looks more natural as if is slightly soaked into a dye and at the same time it could give intensive look with out having the same color of tone for the whole lips. Using the Piccasso brush # 501 it has large surface area with the great elasticity and the smoothness helps to achieve the gradation look, making the shades lighter as it goes outwards.

The basic style on showing the red lips

Lady says, “ How should I apply? I don't know to apply and present like in the model does in the magazine. Is it because they are just models?

Woman doing makeup, “ There are two ways; first is to make the shape of the lip clear and apply color looking HOT or give a focus to the inner lip and perform gradation getting lighter towards the outside.” In order to have a perfect shape of the lip use Piccasso brush # 714 that is sharp at the end with great elasticity helps to have define shape of the lip by tracing them with the sharp brush. After, use the large surface to fill in rest of the lip. 
The Piccasso brush # 506 is smooth made out of squirrel fur that also have great elasticity giving comfortable to use the brush the wear the red lipstick. The brush is made out of deer fur that gives clear color and balances out the overall color. Apply the color from inside going towards out and in this case loosen the strength in the hand so it’s easier to do gradation. Also slightly pat the inner lips and the middle part to give a effect of dyeing effect. But! The corner of the lips might look not look neat so use a brush that has great elasticity with less strength in the brush that could do the delicate parts in the lips. 

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